Global Quality Services, Welding Engineering, Quality Inspections and Sourcing Excellence
Team Events and Collective Intelligence

Global QA/QC Services and Sourcing Excellence

We support projects in welding engineering, quality management, quality assurance and control. We have experiences with pressure vessels, piping, steam boilers and steel constructions in oil-, gas-, energy from waste-, chemical- and power industry.

Team Events and Collective Intelligence

Our Team Event Games are going to improve your team spirit as well as increase your team’s work performance. With our visualization software and the use of collective intelligence, risk workshops and brainstorming processes take on a whole new meaning.

Co Values

Leading to Excellence

Our Values:

  • We are reliable, fast, and flexible to meet and exceed our customers needs at all times.
  • We maintain open, honest and direct communication.
  • We support suppliers and manufacturers in their integrity to customers, the implementation of their own quality management system and the pursuit of improvement.
  • We support you professionally in the implementation of your project and we always represent your interests and needs.



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