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Would you like to enjoy the advantage of having competent quality assurance in order to successfully realize your project? With Co Values on your side, you can take advantage of competent support in all phases of your project. At Co Values, we monitor the quality of your project, provide quality-related assistance to the suppliers, make sure that the project documentation is up-to-date, and initiate the right measures to achieve your goals. We support you professionally in the implementation of your project and we always represent your interests and needs.

Engineering Consulting

We are there from the beginning! Already during the engineering we are at your side to advise you.

We review the customer contract, drawings and designs with regard to weldability, testing and corrosion protection feasibility. We also make sure that the technical documentation, the inspection and test plans (ITP) are aligned with the contractual, normative and legal requirements. In addition, we advise you on optimized production technology, material selection, design and finding solutions to production problems.

We offer a wide range of consulting services which include the combination of practical experience, the recognized rules of technology and the methods of the management system.

External Audits & Supplier Qualification

Before placing an order to a supplier, we assess the potential of the supplier so that you know in advance whether the supplier meets the necessary requirements and can achieve the desired quality.

Your supply chain should continue to be solid and resilient. We review management systems according to: ISO 9001 Quality Management, EN ISO 3834 1-4 Quality Requirements Fusion Welding, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety.

We support suppliers and manufacturers in their integrity to customers, the implementation of their own quality management system and the pursuit of improvement.

Inspections & Documentation

We are fast, flexible, effective and fully tailored to the individual needs of our customers. As your “eyes” and “ears”, we reduce potential risks such as non- compliance with contractual requirements, production fluctuations on site, inferior production and material quality, and delays in production and deliveries.

We identify errors, monitor all necessary on-site corrective actions, and clean up the quality documentation accordingly. We support and moderate your suppliers in the preparation of the quality documentation and the CE certificate of conformity, so that the desired quality is available in time.

Co Values has gained its reputation for reliability, speed, and flexibility to meet and exceed our customers’ needs at all times:

  • Supplier audits / supplier qualifications
  • Testing, monitoring and evaluation of components
  • Monitoring and supervision of welding activities, non destructive testing (UT / RT / PT / MT / VT) and corrosion protection applications
  • Expert reports and claims
  • Problem solving and coordination of on-site repair work

Failure Analysis

Our failure analysis offers you factual and independent reporting. This guarantees that you stay informed about the condition of your components including possible causes of damage, and that rectification costs are readily available. Co Values helps you mitigate the resulting financial losses by developing and implementing timely measures. When implementing these measures, we closely monitor the actions and ensure that the documentation is in order.

QA/QC services for EPC projects

Customers contract, technical documents, procurement strategy

  • Identification of specific customer requirements
  • Creation of project management plan. As guideline, the process management system from the general contractor is used.
  • Consideration of normative and country-specific requirements
  • Feasibility studies and support with the selection of suitable materials
  • Assistance in preparing technical documentation, drawings, ITP, TII, TSD etc.
  • Development of suitable quality strategy
  • Presentation of the quality strategy to customers, consultants and authorities
  • Assistance with creating a time schedule and developing standardized progress reporting

sourcing And Supplier audits

  • Audit and qualification of potential suppliers according to the QMS and requirements profile
  • Agreement and approval of the technical documentation with the customer and the supplier taking into account the norms and guidelines
  • Creation of an inspection plan taking into account the inspection costs according to Hold and Witness Points in the ITPs, scheduling, and availability of the customer
  • First contact with key suppliers to ensure that the documents, design, production and test steps are understood and implemented correctly


  • Status control of the procurement of semi-finished products and parts, including affiliation of material certificates
  • Review and optimization of production steps and support with the pursuit of improvement
  • Qualification and re-certification control of personnel, machinery, processes and infrastructure
  • Revision control of the latest production drawings, technical documentation, etc.
  • Verification of regular auditing and monitoring of subcontractors
  • Production and progress monitoring and execution according to requirements presented in the technical documentation and standards
  • Functional test according to the technical documentation
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) processing, adherence to Hold and Witness Points in the ITP, control of the established protocols according to progress
  • Production and quality documentation control according to time schedule and progress report
  • Verification of process steps for the preparation and application of the corrosion protection according to the technical documentation and corrosion protection data sheet
  • Consultation on the non-conformity report (NCR) and discussion on how to handle repairs
  • Compilation of CE conformity certificate or manufacturer’s declaration
  • Creation of inspection report with attached action plan for the correction of identified deficiencies

Quality documentation

  • Documentation and record control according to ITP, specifications, contract requirements, standards and notified bodies
  • Pre-inspection meeting to prepare documentation, a proper filing structure, reports, records and certificates
  • Support with the preparation of necessary protocols and records during production
  • Completion of ITP stamping by subcontractors, suppliers, inspectors and notified bodies
  • Traceability control of quality documentation
  • Creation of an action plan for a complete manufacturing documentation
  • Verification of CE conformity certificate or manufacturer’s declaration
  • Duplication of quality documentation and setting handover date

Failure analysis

  • Assessment of damages so that the cause can be determined
  • Production of a factual and independent report to disclose the condition of the components and to minimize financial losses
  • Development of an action plan, outlining the implementation of repair measures, as well as an ITP as required
  • During the implementation of the necessary measures we closely monitor the actions and ensure that the documentation is in order

Final inspection and delivery release

  • Verification of the repair work according to the action plans of previous inspections
  • Checking the processing of all NCRs and claims
  • Checking the completeness of the order according to the contract, parts lists and specifications
  • Checking eyelets in accordance with ITP, customer, country and normative specifications
  • Issuing delivery approval or development of remedial measures
  • Control of packaging
  • Control of the estimated delivery time, cross-checking with the time schedule
  • Approval of loading and delivery to the construction site

Incoming goods inspection on construction site

    • Review of delivery note
    • Checking availability of product documentation
    • Checking transport damage on the packaging
    • Component appropriate moving and storage

site QA/QC services

    • Presenting the site quality strategy to customers, consultants and authorities
    • Approval of quality-relevant documents of suppliers, e.g. ITP site, work instructions, instructions, plans, specifications, drawings
    • Checking the required certificates of site personnel SCC, welding supervisor, welding certificates, WPQR, WPS, NDT personnel, NDT specification, etc.
    • Leading daily quality meetings with all assembly managers
    • Continuous progress control according to schedule and documentation
    • Coordinating the implementation of Witness Points with the required parties according to the ITPs
    • Welding skill test, if required
    • Participation risk workshops, if required
    • Carrying out inspections on the construction site
    • Conducting site audits
    • Ensuring that audits can be carried out by clients, consultants, authorities and in your own organization
    • Commenting on and approval of the assembly documentation

Final acceptance inspection and handover

  • Coordination of the final acceptance inspection with customers and notified bodies
  • Preparation of acceptance inspection reports with attached action plans
  • Coordination of repair works with assembly, welding and NDT teams; follow-up of action plan and requesting for customer- and authorities acceptance signatures
  • Coordination of claim negotiations between suppliers and customers
  • Clean-up and preparation of site quality documentation


Selected References

Site Quality Manager for the energy from waste turn-key project Renergia in Luzern, Switzerland. Total investment approx. CHF 360 CHF.
Project Quality Manager for the energy from waste turn-key project in Roosendaal, Netherlands. Total investment approx. 190 Mio EUR.
Project Quality Manager for the energy from waste turn-key project Riverside in London, UK. Total investment approx. 400 Mio EUR.



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